What you Need to do Before you Move into your First Home of your Own

September 16, 2020 6:07 am


Firstly, if you have just bought your first home – congratulations! The really hard bit is over and soon you can start enjoying being an official homeowner! Before you can move in though there are a few more things that you need to do before you get the keys to your own home…

Start Packing – Starting your packing early allows you to do it in small amounts so it doesn’t become a stressful last-minute rush. It is also a great opportunity to have a declutter – as you are going through everything, you can get rid of the things that you don’t need – take some stuff to a charity shop, or sell them online to make a bit more money towards your new home.

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Find and Book a Removal Company – As soon as you get your moving in date, you need to book your removal company to ensure that it is booked for the day you need it – this is not something to leave until the last minute. Find a trusted company such as this removal company Cambridge based Arrowpak, this will take away a lot of the stress on moving day.


If you need work to be done in your new home, such as replacing carpets or windows, it is also a good idea to get jobs like this booked in as soon as you know the date that you will be getting the keys to your new home.

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Once you have moved it is also worth making a list of all the places that you will need to change your address with – from your workplace to the DVLA, they will all need to be informed of your change of address.