Tips for organising an Anniversary Party

September 16, 2020 4:14 pm


Step 1: Set Date

The first and most important is to set a date for a celebration! You will want to make it as close to the anniversary date as possible and give the guests a notification at least a month to make sure they can attend and allow yourself enough time planning. While you decide on a date, you may want to consider the time of the party as well, you’re planning a party during the day or evening celebration?

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Step 2: Select a Location

Selecting a location to host a party really depends on a few details such as whether you have a celebration lunch or dinner, it will be a formal occasion, who will you invite? Once you have answered the questions that will make it easier to come to a decision on the venue. For more details on Function Rooms Newbury, consider the Function rooms inside the Newbury Racecourse

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Step 3: Select a Theme

Now this is where the fun part begins, choose a theme! Generally, you want the theme to be enjoyable and reflects some of you are celebrating and / or the type of opportunity you are hosting. Most parties have a theme-based colour to enable suitable party decorations to be put up. For more casual parties, there is no need to stick to a rigid theme. Another popular option when deciding the decor is to build a theme around the symbol of the couple’s wedding anniversary. For example, ruby is the symbol and colour for the 40th anniversary of the wedding, so you’re likely to see decorations including tableware in red.