Making the most of a white bathroom.

June 2, 2020 2:05 pm


For many of us colour in the bathroom is not an option. It has to be pristine white or nothing else. The cleanliness that we want to feel when in the bathroom is reflected in the decor around us. While it is simple enough to obtain white porcelain bathware, and a nice shade of white emulsion for the walls, the floor remains an issue. How can we find the right material that is pure white, hard wearing and easy on the feet?

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The answer is also simple. Purchase a set of lovely white Marble Tiles and you will have the perfect floor setting. There is an argument that this is too white. Why not invest in a little bit of colour? It doesn’t have to be painting or coloured bathware. Why not try one of the following;

  1. Pastel towels such as blue and yellow. Nothing too strong.
  2. A nice seascape or landscape.
  3. Nautical decorations such as a lighthouse.
  4. Frieze’s. Grey is a nice accompaniment.

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  1. A pastel shower curtain, if you have an integrated system.
  2. A woven rug. You can be a little more expansive with colour at this point and try something brighter.

Designers suggest that all white is not too easy on the eye and you need to break up the scene with a colour even if it is only slight.