Tips for clearing out your garage space

June 1, 2020 4:54 pm


When it comes to reclaiming your garage space, whether to put your car in at night or perhaps you want to create another room out in your garden, it can be a big task.

Surprisingly very few people use their garage for its intended purpose, with it becoming an unofficial storage facility for most. Bikes, old furniture and garden tools all seem to accumulate in the space. In order for you to have a good clearout there are a fews steps that you need to take.

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  • Move everything into the middle of the garage in one large pile so that you can work through it in a semi-systematic way.
  • Add Shelving, sucha s that available from the edges, ready for you to place your items on.
  • Work through the pile of items and work out whether it is something you need to keep or whether it can be donated or thrown away.

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  • Items that you keep can be placed on shelving that means it is protected from damage and can also be found easily next time you need it.
  • Once you have placed all the items you want to keep back on the shelves you just need to donate your charity items and throw all the others away.