Back to Work Team Building

June 4, 2020 1:07 pm


Going back to work might feel a little bit weird to many people who have spent the last 12 weeks furloughed. Even if they have been working from home it is not the same as being in the office environment, and as places start to adapt, companies start to open back up again, the workforce may be feeling a little disjointed, uneasy and unsure about getting back into work.

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Getting teams working together and motivated again, as well as safety in the workplace is what managers are going to be thinking about right now. Inspirational speaker UK based adventure man Jamie McDonald is a great speaker who can get the team feeling good and raring to go. Or you could get everyone doing one of these teamwork games to break the ice a bit and bring a bit of normality as well as group working back into the workplace…

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The Boat Game – This is a great problem-solving game, where teams have a list of people who they decide in order of importance to save from a sinking boat. This can include anyone, from doctors to politicians to new-born babies. It encourages group discussion and gets a good debate going.

Best Place to Work – This is a good fun game that can result in positive changes being made, whilst getting everyone’s thoughts and opinions heard. People are all given a piece of paper and a time limit, say 10 or 15 minutes and asked to draw the office but as their perfect workplace. Afterwards everyone discusses and explains reasons behind the things in the pictures.