Using a space for therapy

June 8, 2020 12:12 pm


Qualified therapists are finding it much easier to work from home. Rather than rent out an expensive office space in the city or visit people in their homes, which is never ideal, the use of a space in the home is an option. Even then therapists need to ask themselves do they really want to have clients actually in the house. A neutral space is a preferable option and the garden might well provide the answer.

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The use of a large shed or a summer house is a viable option. Done well and you can create the perfect office/small meeting place that we allow you to have confidential one to ones. The other factor that should be considered is that it will be conducted with a good view on nature. It does mean that you need to keep the garden maintained but as this is good therapy itself this should not be a problem.

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Although there will be an initial outlay for the summer house and making sure the garden has flowering and scented plants there will be a need for some Reception Chairs and there are great deals on reception chairs for home workers.