Are Wasps really that bad?

August 27, 2020 6:49 am


One of the most distinctive and hated insects in the country is that of the Wasp. Wasps are reviled as they seem to just go around randomly stinging people for no apparent reason other than they want to. Unlike bees they don’t die afterwards eiter. This rather begs the question what is the point of Wasps? If you find a nest you will need a Pest Control service to come and help you and the Pest Control Chelmsford company in the link can certainly perform that service for you. Lets try and find something positive about the despised insect.

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First of all Wasps are related to Bees and Ants. If you look at them they certainly have some of the same physical characteristics. There are also quite a lot of averties of them, some one hundred and twenty thousand to be precise. You will also find them wherever you go in the world. If you do get stung by one at least you know it was a lady wasp. The females are the only ones with a sting.

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Some Wasp’s like to hang out with other wasps, some prefer to live on their own. It all depends on the type of species that they are. The social wasps are closer to the Bee, These social wasps work together to create incredible paper based hexagonal structures. They work hard and, apart from the Queens, only live about a year. Unlike Bees they play no role in pollination and were only introduced to keep down the ladybug population, a job they have done too well.