Six ways to style a chunky sweater

August 27, 2020 6:47 am


Having a timeless classic garment such as a chunky Aran fishermen’s sweater in your wardrobe means you can add style and elegance to any outfit.

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Although Aran sweaters have a distinctive knitted pattern that is always recognised and admired for its traditional design, they come in a range of styles that means there’s plenty to choose from to get different looks and outfits that are based around the chunky sweater.

Here’s six ways that you can style a chunky sweater:

Long or short

Chunky sweaters look great with denim jeans or skirts and you can go with either cropped Aran sweaters or chunky long cardigans to get a stylish look that gets ready for those blustery autumn days or chilly winter evenings and carry off the design classic with flair.


The rugged stylishness of the chunky sweater means you can match it with either trainers, sturdy ankle or walking boots, loafers or knee high boots for a look that shows you’re ready for the elements. Contrasting canvas or leather complements the chunky knits with the different textures and makes the knitted designs stand out.

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Choice of styles

Chunky knits have a range of styles including waistcoats, cardigans, overcoats, sweaters with round necks, V necks, shawl necks, hoods, zips, sturdy buttons, pockets or not, ponchos and many more. Choosing a style that suits your size and shape means you can add this staple wardrobe classic to your clothing collection to add the finishing touch to any outfit.


Adding a hat, scarf or leather jacket will add another texture to your outfit that will accentuate the pattern and design of the sweater. Be careful to choose plain textures in the accessories so that you don’t get a look that is too confusing with too many colours and textures going on.

Choose an Aran design

One of the most popular and stylish designs of chunky knits are Aran sweaters with their distinctive fishermen’s knitted stitches that are immediately recognised and admired for their traditional appeal.

Colour palettes

Pay attention to the colour palettes of your clothes when matching your chunky knit. Dark sweaters should be matched with light coloured trousers or skirts and vice versa, with light sweaters being paired with dark trousers to help the design and style of the knit stand out. You can experiment with colours to make sure they complement the outfit.