Common problems that affect trees

August 24, 2020 2:54 pm


What are the most  common issues that can affect trees? These are the problems that specialists like Tree Surgeon Essex Benchmark have to deal with in order to protect our precious arboural specimens. Rest assured this, Tree Surgeon Essex based company is perfectly capable of spotting and dealing with the problem. They will also find a solution for you. Here are a few common issues that are known to regularly befall a tree.

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  1. Too much water. Like any plant, Trees need water to survive. However, there is the case for too much and the tree begins to drown. Tree’s only need a good soak when they are young. If the leaves become brittle and break or new growth comes out yellow chances are the tree’s had too much.

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  1. Not enough water. The counter to this is that if we have a prolonged drought the tree will need a bit of water to get back up to speed. This time you’ll see that the tree starts to have yellow and brown leaves plus the branches will wilt.
  2. Fertilizer for grass. Whilst it might give you a nice green lawn the fertilizers for grass are not conducive to trees and can poison them.
  3. Storm damage. Trees are very tough and resistant, they’ve had to survive as long as they have. However. A good strong wind or a lighting strike can spell the end of them. Branches need to be checked as they are the weakest point.
  4. Pests. You’ll soon see signs of insects and bugs affecting the tree in its leaves and bark. In most cases a fungicide remover or a fumigation is required.