When the tension happens it happens in the Kitchen

August 27, 2020 6:51 am


Tense scenes in television and film have a habit of happening in the kitchen. It seems to be where the matters of the drama all come to head. Why do so many key and tense scenes happen here? One theory runs that for the most part Kitchens are generally white and nondescript. This means that the scenery doesn’t distract from the drama. It also  provides the characters with access to weapons! Another theory runs that the kitchen is where “life” occurs. We make food and drink there, we meet and talk after a long day. It is a communal space. Naturally one of Grays Fitted Kitchens is the best for your home. Take a look at this Fitted Kitchens Norwich based firm then consider these examples of cinema gold.

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  1. Pulp Fiction. Bruce Willis has returned to his flat to recover his watch. Expecting gangsters that are hunting him he is surprised to find there are none. He gets a Pop tart only to find an Uzi on the counter side. In a scene filmed with no dialogue John Travolta appears from the toilet to come face to face with him.
  2. Jurassic Park. Fleeing from Velociraptors the children play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the three dinosaurs in the resort’s huge kitchen.

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  1. The Postman always Rings Twice. Jack Nicholason and Jessica Lange finally give into their urges.
  2. Sexy Beast. Ray Winstone’s retired criminal wants nothing to do with another bank job as he is happy on the Costa Del Sol. He is coerced into it by an incredibly intense Ben Kingsley, in a role very much removed from Gandhi.