What Happens During An Occupational Health Assessment?

September 1, 2021 2:17 pm


What happens during an occupational health assessment is usually a series of questions and possibly a physical examination is done. This physical examination may involve blood pressure and/or heart rate measurements. Psychological tests can also be carried out as an assessment covers both physical and mental wellbeing.

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Usually, the assessor will talk to the worker in detail about their working environment, their feelings and thoughts when they are working, and their views about their job and health. The results of the tests will help the occupational therapist to identify what health concerns the person may have, based on their answers, how this impacts their work life and how their employer can better support their return to work. For more details on the role of Occupational Health Wales, contact an organisation like https://insightworkplacehealth.co.uk/

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From the results of the tests, the occupational health therapist can work out a programme for the worker. This programme usually involves educating the worker on the risks of diseases and conditions, and providing information about the treatments which would be most appropriate for them. Usually, if this is the first assessment of an individual, it is often done to establish whether or not the person has any particular health problems. However, if a deeper assessment is needed, other tests may be required. Occupational health advisors can also make a request to an employee’s doctor for further information and the employee has the right to see that doctor’s report before it goes to occupational health.