Possible Reasons Your House Is Cold and How to Fix It

September 6, 2021 11:06 am


If your house is unbearably cold despite having your heating on all day, you should try to identify the problem, and fix it, as soon as possible. Keeping the heating on will not only make your heating bills costly, but it also won’t be good for the environment, as you’ll be wasting so much energy. If you don’t actually have any heating and need your boiler fixed, look up Boiler Repair Gloucester to find someone who Can repair your boiler in Gloucester. Read on for some other possible reasons that your house is cold, along with their solutions.

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The first possible cause of a cold house is cold air leaking from the outside into your home through cracks, spaces and gaps in the walls and around doors and windows. It is important to seal these spaces either with silicone, or draught excluders. You can buy long ones to stop cold air from coming in under the doors, and you can buy the type that stick to the edges around the windows.

Another possible reason is if your house has two floors it could be that your heating system isn’t able to heat the whole house. To ensure that both floors are heated, you should invest in another heating system, so you have one for each floor. It may sound a bit excessive, but by only heating the space that you use, you will conserve energy, which is better for the environment as well as your energy bill!

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Lastly, the biggest contributor to excessive cold in the home is poor insulation. It is important to insulate the walls, and especially the loft. You can also insulate the walls and doors. Try using an eco-friendly material such as sheep’s wool, loose fill cellulose or denim.