Garden clearance ready for winter

September 7, 2020 5:18 pm


Summer is coming to an end and the colder autumn days are upon us. Now is a great time to think about having a quick garden clear out and tidy up before the winter months arrive. Grab a skip from a Carmarthen skip hire company and get to it.

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Pruning – once your flowers and shrubs have finished flowering you can start pruning them back a little ready for the winter. This gives the plants less to focus its energy on over the winter and for some plants it is essential that you cut them back so that the new shoots can come through in the Spring.


Grass – make sure that you cut your grass before the frost starts to set in as you will want to give your grass the best chance to recover over the winter months. In some cases this might mean giving your grass a quick trim right up until late November. Also make sure that you pick up any leaves that have fallen on the grass.

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Trees – don’t forget to give your trees a quick check for any damage or signs of pests and disease and if necessary cut back any branches that are damaged. It is important to do this before the colder stronger winds of winter set in as these inclement conditions can cause further damage to your trees.


General tidy up – give your garden a quick clean and remove any weeds and any garden furniture that you no longer need so that you can start the Spring with a relatively clean and tidy garden space.