First Steps when Planning a Home Extension

July 29, 2020 2:13 pm


If you are planning to build an extension to your home, it is a great idea and if done well it can add significant value to your property as well as giving you a better lifestyle in your home. There is so much to consider when planning an extension, but a good thing to do is to find an architect who will be able to help you start the process of improving your home…

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What an architect will be able to do is to listen to what you want from your extension and how you envisage it and take it from an idea in your head and turn it into the property of your dreams. Before you get in touch with an architect you will need an idea of what you want so that they know roughly the time they will need to give to your project.

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If anyone that you know has an extension that you like, ask them which architect they used. Alternatively, you could search online and see if there are any reviews for any architects in the nearby area. Don’t try to cut corners and not use a professional – this goes for all contractors that you use as getting building work done wrong can cost a fortune in the long run. For demolition Bath based company David Horton are experts.

Although there is no real reason why you shouldn’t look outside of your local area, a local architect may have a better idea of what sort of property and the surroundings that they are working with, and may also have worked on similar projects before.