Getting that Autumn flower arrangement just right

September 28, 2020 3:31 pm


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Whilst it might be a case that the summer’s gone and the nights are drawing in it doesn’t mean that the flowers you have need to be scaled back. There are some lovely autumnal colours and displays that can be achieved with the right kind of flowers and arrangements. If you’d like ideas then a Florist Tewkesbury way has some great selection to choose from.  Just click on  to have a look and see what you can have to brighten up the home before winter sets in with its mild wet greyness.


For the most part the flowers that you get in the autumn come from all those bulbs you painstakingly planted back at the start of the summer. What kinds are you likely to see begin to be used.

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  1. Begonia. This beautiful big head flower comes in a variety of colors but the red and the yellow ones are big favorites. Red and Yellow are very seasonal colours anyway so a display of these is very apt.
  2. Crocus. Shooting up the soil is our season friend the crocus. Hopefully you should have planted the blue marbled Trukish variety.
  3. Dahlia’s one of the most stunning flowers to have but a bit tricky to get going. Dahlias are just a huge explosion of colour with huge blooms that will keep going throughout September and a little bit into October,
  4. Gladiolus. A very stylish flower that will look fabulous all through the Autumn months. It’s a good idea to have them in a pot as they won’t appreciate being out in the cold. Get them in a nice greenhouse for the winter and have them back out in late spring ready to oblige you again in the autumn months.