How important was the Silk Road?

September 28, 2020 3:32 pm


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One Of the most important developments in the history of western europe was the Silk road. This was a vital link between the Eastern cultures of India and China trading ideas and goods with the western cultures of the Roman Empire and Germanic tribes. One of the other big winners from this arrangement was that of the Middle eastern empires of Persia. It would take many months to get back and forth across it risking brigands and robbers plus the harsh elements. If a merchant back then had had access to a Same Day Courier Bracknell based firm they would have used them. Although it’s unlikel that you’ll want to get Francinsense from Mesopitamia to Ostia anymore the servies of can still be very useful.

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The development of trade was a huge feature of keeping the Persian empire strong and also, subsequently the Easrern Roman Empire located andConstaniople (now Istanbul).  The reiches of the east were soon available to buy by the Roman purse and silk was one of the primary exports. The Roman nobles greatly desired this soft material and in turn the Chinese and Far Eastern countries wanted vegetables, herbs and materials.


However, it was not just the trade of goods that was important. The beliefs and religions of both cultures were exposed to each other. Buddishims, Taoism, Hinduism and Shinto were all introduced to the west in stark contrast to the Christian religion, which went the other way. Added to this was the old Jewish and Muslim religions also mixed in. Ideas and invention were also passed on ina mutual exchange.