Do trees really talk to each other?

May 12, 2020 1:09 pm


Apparently they do. Not in the conventional sense that you and I do. They are not suddenly going to have a chat about how they are sick of standing around all day in the same spot or that the aphids are starting to get on their nerves. If that were the case Westonbirt arboretum can forget about selling itself as a place of peace and quiet. A Tree Surgeon Poole way like is not suddenly going to have to treat a tree for a sore throat.

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How do the trees communicate? We have previously thought that they were loners, all fighting each other for resources such as light and water. However this is being slowly refuted as it seems that the interconnected roots of the forest all act as communication for each other. Research has shown that trees work together to share light and resources, even making something akin to an alliance for survival. Experts cite examples where when a tree has died it’s  neighbour soon does as they rely on each other for support.

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It is a controversial view that is still being disputed. It sounds all a bit new age but many now believe that they can even measure a short eletro chemical pulse between trees to illustrate it.