The easy going shoe that’s perfect for the Summer into Autumn switch

September 16, 2021 11:02 am


Footwear in the Spring and Autumn is one of the trickiest things to call. In the summer it’s easy. The warm summer months give you a choice of sandal or light cotton canvas trainers, anything to protect your feet but keep them cool at the same time. When it gets to the Autumn things become a bit of a minefield. The same is true of Spring.

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What makes it so hard is the changing nature of both times of the year. The spring suffers from the winter hangover. You might think it’s going to be a nice day but those winter weather fronts are there to give you a nudge now and again to catch you out. Next thing you know it’s a downpour and you are woefully under prepared.

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The same is true of Autumn. Some years there is the phenomenon of the Indian summer where we get a warm spell. Others just start the traditionally blustery and wet season. Interesting fact in terms of the world’s climate: Autumn doesn’t finish until the 21st December. It’s why a white christmas is not that common, winter has barely begun!

So you don’t get caught out it’s a good idea to go for a pair of Lyle & scott shoes. They are perfect to be worn in a casual setting but they have a bit more about them that enables them to be an adaptable option. Above all else they offer a classically stylish look that should be able to serve you well anywhere.