Why It’s important to clean your teeth.

September 16, 2021 3:10 pm


Teeth are wonderful things aren’t they? They should, with the right level of care and attention,  last you your whole life. What can you do to make sure they stay clean and fresher? Luckily for us we have a huge degree of choices that we can use to keep our gnashers looking tip top. Here are a few tips;

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  1. Mouthwash. If you get the right one then it will get into all of the tricky places that you need. Brushing is great but there are times where you cannot reach.  One other advantage is it keeps the tongue free from nasty smells.
  2. Brush. Change your brush regularly so that you’ve got a decent bit of kit. You might enve want to join in over to give them a bit of lunch. One of the best on the market is that of a Bamboo Toothbrush. Go to Bambooth to get one of the best green purchases. Not only will you be saving your teeth you’ll also be saving the planet. Brush twice a day with an environmentally friendly Bamboo Toothbrush. Go to Bambooth to get one.

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  1. Don’t drink sugary drinks. You might as well pour battery acid over them. They can think of it as some kind of anti mouthwash.
  2. Don’t eat crisps. They are the worst thing, even more so than the sugary snacks like chocolate. The reason they are so bad is that bits of crisp get stuck in the teeth and draw in plaque acids to erode the enamel.