How satellites help you every day

June 30, 2020 2:52 pm


You probably never consider the satellites high above us in orbit. However, they help you out every day even though they are hundreds, if not thousands of kilometres above us. Here are some ways that satellites help us and we don’t even know it:

Eating your breakfast

Did you know that when you’re tucking into your bowl of cereal, farmers producing cereals used satellite radar images to determine the best time to irrigate and harvest them? Satellites play a helping hand in getting the food you enjoy to your plate in optimum condition.

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Watching live sports on TV

From the camera in the stadium to your TV screen, footage is transmitted via satellite before it reaches you. It is hard to imagine that these images have been beamed instantly through space in a fraction of a second to reach you as you enjoy the game from your couch. This is the same system used in the car to give directions and Vehicle Tracking for fleet management. For more information about Vehicle Tracking Companies, Vehicle Accessories one of the leading vehicle tracking companies in the UK

Paying for your coffee

We do not tend to question how the money from our bank account reaches the merchant so quickly, especially when we just want to take our morning caffeine fix and go. When we use our bank cards, the relationship between the bank and the merchant’s cash register occurs via satellite. Clever stuff, right?

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Check the weather

Satellites carry out important work, collecting large amounts of data on the movement of clouds, wind and precipitation levels. The data is then analysed, and weather patterns predicted (with varying accuracy)