What is a Family Heirloom?

June 30, 2020 4:14 pm


When it comes to making a will, we all tend to think about the property and the money – who will we pass them on to and how will we divide it? We seek out a solicitor to handle our assets such as this solicitor Gloucester based Dee and Griffin https://www.deeandgriffin.co.uk/ , but what about the family heirlooms? These are much trickier to divide than money or property as they are not possible to split, so this can cause quite a headache in families!

These are some of the most popular family heirlooms – not all family heirlooms are worth huge amounts of money, in fact most are more valued in families for sentimental reasons.

Jewellery – Great grandmothers engagement ring, or the necklace worn by a favourite aunt on her wedding day are the sorts of items that are treasured family possessions. Some are items of huge financial value and some have stories attached to them that, like the items themselves are passed down the generations and treasured.

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Furniture – Another popular heirloom is furniture. This can range from a rare and valuable antique chair, a grand old oak wardrobe or of course a grandfather clock – which can seem very attached to their owners, and many spooky stories surround the bond that an owner of a grandfather clock has with the clock. There is even a song describing this phenomenon!

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Letters and Diaries – These are extremely precious items offering a snapshot into the life of a long lost relative – this can be postcards from long ago holidays, love letters sent between wartime lovers, or diaries from special periods of a family members life.