Building your dream kitchen

April 9, 2021 5:14 am


Have you ever had kitchen envy. Perhaps you’ve seen Delia’s purpose built set, Jamie’s garden kitchen for his 30 minute meals or maybe Nadia’s incredible home set up. Whilst you may not have the space or the resources to do this it still a good idea to plan out how you’d want your kitchen to look in case you get the chance. Here are some fresh ideas for kitchens doing the rounds at the moment.

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  1. Get yourself some Downlight Covers from Thermahood Direct. LED lights are a must for any modern kitchen, Strong and energy friendly these covers help to keep form the heat escaping and reduce the effects of draughts once they are added,
  2. An island. This really is the best thing to add to a kitchen, The oakcement of secondary prep and storage unit in the middle of the room seems to have revolutionised kitchen design,
  3. A nice big range. With the focus on baking the humble oven is not quite up to the job so it seems that we now need to have a double oven that is capable of getting thos breads, pies and cakes in as well as leaving room for the Sunday roast.

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  1. Racking. With the focus on celeb chefs it seems that designers have taken a cue from the commercial kitchen and added racking as a design feature.
  2. Space saver cupboards. You need a place to store all the utensils that you’re going to be aching so get clever with these pull out shelf units that create loads of space.