Keeping jeans in top condition

May 10, 2021 4:39 pm


When we first buy a pair of jeans, they never look quite like we want them to. Why is this? Well, jeans require a period of breaking in before they look like they were made just for you. Once they are broken in, here are the best ways to take care of your denim so they look awesome for years to come.


  1. Wash before wearing

This might seem counterintuitive but washing before the first wear is a good idea to not only get rid of any germs from others who may have touched them but also to release any excess dye, especially when purchasing dark jeans. They may also contain some chemicals that you probably don’t want next to your skin. For ETO denim jeans, go to EJ Menswear

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  1. After the initial wash, wash infrequently

Too much washing will cause the jeans to fade prematurely and if you have distressed jeans, these are more prone to damage. Loose fitting jeans can be washed every 3 to 5 wears but more rigid denim only needs a wash between 8 to 10 times.


  1. Freshen up

If this doesn’t seem like enough washing to you, jeans can be freshened up by running a steamer over them or hanging them in the bathroom while you have a shower. They can also be put in the freezer overnight to kill off any bacteria.

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  1. Don’t put them in the tumble dryer

This will damage the denim fibres and make them stretch or shrink. When storing jeans, be sure to fold them and don’t store white denim next to dark in case any colour runs.