The creation of Synthetic rubber

June 17, 2020 1:23 pm


Whilst rubber is a natural material that we have been using since Mesolithic American times, the sheer volume of rubber we need has outsrtiped what nature can provide us. Therefore, we have had to engage in the creation of a synthetic derivative from the natural products. How is this synthetic product made?

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Rubber is a widely used material perfect for many stages of industry and manufacturing. These products are generally made from the process of using Rubber Mouldings and there are several companies which do this.  Synthetic rubber has been in production since 1900. It is now a chemical creation taken from the petrochemical industry as a by product.

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The advantages of using synthetic rubber are quite clear. Whilst perfectly malleable and moldable, rubber itself is subject to degrading. For example, this is not ideal in terms of the maintenance of valves. These need to work hard and be long lasting. With the addition of chemicals we now have rubber substances such as neoprene. This can resist a multitude of liquids and air based substances that can erode natural rubbers effectiveness. Polyurethane Rubbers products, for example, are able to withstand extremes of heat and cold without any damage.