Six Questions to Ask When Viewing a Property

September 23, 2020 5:44 pm


It can be tough making a choice when it comes to your new home. Viewing a property can be daunting if you have not done so before. Let’s take a look at six questions that are important to ask when viewing a potential property.

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1. Area

It is important to get a solid grasp on the area of the property so you have a rough idea of what life may look like. Doing your research is vital, but to get a firmer grasp and a more in depth opinion, be sure to ask. Questions will vary, so make sure you know exactly what you need to ask – be it with regards to schools, crime rates, etc. – before you go in.

2. Renovations

Check whether any renovations have been undertaken on the property recently. This is particularly necessary if you aren’t going to have a full house survey beforehand. It is helpful to know to ensure that any renovations have been done properly with the correct planning permission. You don’t want to find yourself in trouble due to issues from builders or previous owners.

3. Length of Time on the Market

This is essential to get a grasp on whether there have been difficulties in selling the property. If it has been on the market for more than a few months, don’t be afraid to ask questions. A house survey would help you find any issues as well.

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4. Property Interest

If you find yourself really liking a property, asking about other interested people is a good way to get a feel of how many other interested parties there are. Estate agents are unlikely to disclose amounts being offered.

5. Bills/What Is Included

Asking what your bills would be is also essential so that you can start managing your money accordingly. Checking exactly what you will get in the sale is also a must. Do not make assumptions when it comes to what belongs to you and what doesn’t.

6. How Long Have You Been Here?

Last but not least, it is in your best interests to see how long the previous owners have been living in the property. If it is only a short amount of time, investigate. It could be because they have found a more suitable property, but there are a vast number of worrying reasons why they are choosing to jump ship.