Must haves for your student kitchen

January 5, 2021 8:19 am


Living away from home to study at University can be daunting for some especially when this means not only attending University classes and lectures but also cooking, cleaning and caring for themselves sometimes for the first time in their young adult life. You’ll need a place to nove to and this is where this Student Accommodation Cheltenham based company  comes in. When it comes to thinking about the food items that you should ensure you have in your student kitchen there are a number of essential’s but every good cook will have in their cupboards.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

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Having dried herbs in your cupboard is a great way to ensure you can add extra flavour to any dish you create. They are cheap to buy and easy to store and have long shelf lives. It is best to choose herbs that you know you like and add them to your dishes sparingly at first.

Pasta and rice

These dried foods are essentials to add to any food cupboard . They are quick and easy to cook and incredibly versatile to use in any number of recipes. you can combine them with sauces, meats and vegetables. They are the perfect choice for students who are working late hours studying as well as often working evenings and weekends in part time jobs to bring in some income while they study.

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Tinned tomatoes

Another staple in food cupboards is tinned tomatoes. You can use them to create sources for pasta and rice as well as adding them to dishes such as Currys and you can even use them along with tomato puree for creating pizzas and other delicious quick foods and snacks