The dirt you track in on your feet

January 5, 2021 8:20 am


There are a few diseases that can be transmitted from dog urine by humans. Bacteria, bacteria, viruses and fungi can be contained in it. Ah, Yuck! You definitely don’t want those floors lurking in your office. To get rid of them give this Office Cleaning Cheltenham company a call.

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Such pathogens are at risk of zoonotic disease transmission, a term used to identify certain diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans.

What can be transmitted by zoonotic diseases and how can you avoid the spread of them?

You will be happy to hear that diseases like this are very rare. However, to minimise the risk, it is necessary to pay attention to all areas of your workplace being thoroughly cleaned. Investing in a clean workplace will help all workers’ health and well-being and potentially reduce each year’s number of sick days.

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Dog faeces have roundworm, hookworms, giardia, salmonella and campylobacter. These nasty things can be borne by any dog, no matter whether they are unwell or perfectly safe.

E Coli, salmonella and giardia are some of the most well-known diseases that can be transmitted by dog poo. Viruses and bacteria propagate in the same way as any other organism that causes disease. For example, through open cuts on the skin, from the mouth and from the hands, they may reach the body.

The risk of dirty shoes on carpets remains low, and anyone who has daily interaction with animals and family pets includes those who are most at risk. Those with a compromised immune system are also at greater risk of zoonosis.