How do radiators work?

May 11, 2020 6:13 pm


Have you ever looked at your Aluminium Radiators UK manufactured and wondered exactly how they work to heat your home. Well here is our quick guide to how your radiators actually work.

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Radiators take heat from either water or steam and then use this to heat up the air surrounding the radiator. This then moves around the room and travels up through the house creating a nice warm environment as heat rises.

Metal is used to make radiators as it is a great conductor of heat. The hot water or steam enters the radiator from the pipes and travels through the radiators structure before heating up the outer fins. As these fins heat up so does the air around the radiator. This is why the closer to a radiator you are the warmer you will feel.

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One of the ways to ensure your radiators are working to their optimum is to ensure that you have a boiler service each year as well as regularly bleeding your radiators to take away any air that has built up in the system that can cause cold spots in your radiators. You should also clean the outside of your radiators regularly so that the air around the fins can be heated effectively.