Get Out and Spot These British Deer this Autumn

October 13, 2020 2:43 pm


Autumn – the time of the year when you get your pumpkins carved, update your winter wardrobe with things like these mens designer shirts from and head out on a walk in the beautiful woodlands as the leaves create their autumnal display.

When out and about in the woods at this time of the year, you may come across one of the most endearing and best loved mammals in Britain – the deer.

Here is a guide to the various species that you might come across and where to see them…

Roe Deer – One of the easiest deer to spot as they have a widespread and abundant population across the UK. They are also adaptable so you may also find them in fields as well as their usual forest habitat, and when alarmed they make a dog-like barking noise!

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Red Deer – The largest of Britain’s mammals these beautiful deer are generally solitary creatures, but their breeding season is in the autumn, which means you may be lucky enough to spot the stags ‘rutting’. This is when they use their antlers to fight for their mate.

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Fallow Deer- These are the deer with the speckled white coats. They often live in groups so you may be able to spot a whole group on a walk in the forest. They are mainly found in England and favour the deciduous woodlands with lots of ground level vegetation – both to eat and for hiding in!