Where does Pasta come from

February 14, 2022 5:07 am


The origins of Pasta’s appearance in Europe have ancient roots. There is a huge amount of diversity in what shape the pasta is available. There are also many local variations, some of the shapes define a region of Italy and there are lots of secret recipes. It’s one of the first things children learn to make and the pasta maker is an essential part of an Italian kitchen.

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Pasta is made from flour.  A dough is created and then cut into shapes. However, whilst wheat is the most popular choice there are plenty of other substitutes. Yellow beans and legumes can be used to give different taste experiences. For one of the best Italian restaurants in Dublin try https://www.forno500.ie/. You can really get a feel for the great traditions of this ever-popular cuisine.

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Whilst we associate the food solely with Italian cooking it does not strictly originate from the Mediterranean country. Pasta is a classic example of the influence of China and the Far East on Europe. Marco Polo, the great Italian explorer, observes the creation of noodles when he is out on his adventure in China. He realised that this could make a brilliant wonder food and a possible staple to the people back home in Italy. He takes the recipe and adapts it to his home country and the rest is history. They embrace this and make it their own. So, when you tuck into a nice lasagna, remember, it’s actually come from the Far East first.