To hang or to fold

August 23, 2021 2:49 pm


Finding the best way to store your clothing often comes down to the choice between hanging or folding your garments. The decision can often be affected by the number of clothing items that you own, the space that you have available and the storage options that can be used. Once you have figured this out and importantly you have sorted through all the clothes that need repairing, no longer fit you or that you haven’t worn in ages you can begin to look at each type of clothing and decide whether you should hang or fold. Here are a few quick ideas we have to help you make the choice.

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Hanging – clothing that is at risk of creasing if it is left lying on a shelf should always be hung. Workwear uniforms or formal clothing that you wear to work or for special occasions such as Mens Farah Oxford Shirts like the ones from EJ Menswear should always be placed on a hanger. Trousers that are made of lightweight material should also be placed in a wardrobe draped over a hanger.

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Folded – jumpers, unless they are made of soft delicate materials can be folded neatly and placed on shelves or in drawers. This is also the case for t-shirts and other tops as well as jeans. These types of clothing are less likely to become creased and they can be stored just as well by being folded as they could being hung in a wardrobe.