Benefits of Aran Sweaters

August 20, 2021 4:49 pm


Aran sweaters are one of the many styles of men’s sweaters that have grown in popularity over recent years with musicians and celebrities like Taylor Swift sharing their love of these sweater styles. A traditional Aran sweater is typically off-white in colour, featuring cable designs on the outer and inner sleeves as well as a collar. These types of clothing can be purchased in many retail stores, but you may want to shop online since the selection is often better. The best Aran Sweaters are from Shamrock Gift if you’re looking for some for yourself or for a gift for a friend or family member..

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Some of the best Aran sweaters incorporate the use of authentic Irish wool. The cables which resemble strands of knot weave tightly together creating a tight, light feel while also maintaining the mobility of the garment. It is this tight weave that makes them incredibly warm. They are perfect for wearing as a top layer when you want to keep the chilly weather out and really come into their own during the autumn and winter.

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Another great feature of Aran sweaters which has contributed to their growing popularity is the fact that they can be worn virtually any way you like, as outerwear, as a top on its own, some women even buy them oversized and wear with a belt as a dress.