Interesting ways to design your wedding tables

July 31, 2022 3:59 pm


Once you’ve decided on a theme or a colour scheme for your Kent Barn Wedding, you can start thinking about all the people you want to invite. It is essential to check with your chosen location, like The Plough at Leigh Kent Barn Wedding and limits on numbers for your wedding ceremony and your evening reception.

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When it comes to seating people for your wedding breakfast (the first meal you have together as a married couple), it is traditional to arrange tables around the room, with a top table for the bride, groom and their parents. The ways in which you identify each of these tables and who is going to be sitting where it is up to you.

Some couples stick with the traditional numbered table and a seating plan placed near the entrance to the room. This allows guests to find their tables and then place cards and places with each guest’s name on them at the table.

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In a break with tradition, some people are choosing to name their tables places they have visited, their favourite movies or the titles of their favourite songs. This helps to add a personal touch to the wedding, with the couple’s personalities shining through in their choices.

Instead of having a seating plan on display, people are choosing to have name cards placed on a central table, with the number or names of the table written inside. This then allows people to seat themselves at the table in a space they select.