How to Clean Up After a Demolition

January 26, 2021 5:24 pm


If you are looking for information on how to clean up after a demolition, you will first need to know if there are any hazardous materials to deal with. This means if asbestos was used in the construction it is illegal to remove it from the home or the property without a specialist to do it for you. Also any structural materials like drywall or concrete should not be moved or removed without the permission of the site owner.

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Once the debris has been removed you can clean up by hose or water. Some people choose to use organic solvents and natural cleaners to ensure no harmful residue remains. Some cleaners that are non-toxic are just as effective at removing debris and residues as other commercial products. After a thorough rinsing you can scrub down remaining walls and floors with a detergent solution (use a natural one if possible) to ensure they are totally clean and safe to be reused. Rubble and other debris can be removed from the site by Grab Hire Gloucester. Find out more at

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If you find yourself with a demolition project then you may not be able to salvage everything. Check with your local government for rules and regulations about demolition debris and cleanup. You also need to check with your insurance company about what is not covered. A demolition and clean-up can be a time-consuming project but restoring the site to be used again is a worthwhile task.