Comfortable Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

September 7, 2021 5:35 pm


When the nights draw in and the heating goes on, we know it’s time to dig out our jumpers and coats again and pack our t-shirts and shorts away again. So, how can we stay comfortable and warm when out and about in the ice and snow? As well as having a good stock of jackets, boots, and other clothing options, the good old-fashioned woollen sweater is still as popular as ever.

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So, what exactly makes them so comfortable? They have breathable Merino wool fibres which work quickly to keep your body heat trapped while letting the air circulate around you. Also, their lighter weight gives a natural feel rather than swamping your form with heavy materials. Find Aran Sweaters at a site like Shamrock Gift Aran Sweaters

It’s not hard to understand why people start to get sensitive to the material they are using against their skin. After all, most people who live in colder climates are used to having to dress up in layers even when the temperature only falls into the single digits. There is nothing worse than having to add more layers to an already uncomfortable ensemble to stay warm.

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This is why wool is a great option. As a natural fibre, it is gentle on the skin and won’t cause you to overheat when you are also wearing base layers and possibly a winter coat over the top. An aran sweater is the perfect choice for breathability, warmth and looking stylish at the same time.