What Is Hardwood Timber Used For?

May 25, 2021 4:03 am


Are you unsure which wood is going to work best for your particular project? Knowing the differences between softwood and hardwood, the advantages and disadvantages, and where each wood excels in, will point you in the direction of what will be best for your needs. With the different woods, hardwood species and their uses, you can make the determination of what is going to be best for you to get started on building your next deck, shed, furniture piece, etc.

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Hardwood timber is basically what it sounds like; the timber itself. This type of timber is very durable, especially if treated properly and used in the correct manner. For example, hardwood comes in two basic types; one that is considered solid hardwood (or birch) and the other is graded based upon the variety of bark used. Solid hardwoods are those with no visible outer layer, while peeled or cut back hardwoods have an outer, pre-molded, layer of moisture retinoid on the surface which helps the wood to withstand fire. Find out more from Timber Merchants salisbury like Timbco

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One of the most popular reasons people choose hardwood over softwood is because of its fire resistance. There are many different varieties of hardwood available in the market today, so it can sometimes be confusing knowing which varieties will suit your needs best depending on what you want your new deck or wall cladding to do. Although there are some brands of hardwood timber which are less fire resistant than others, it is always better to have a brand to fall back on at the end of the day.