Planting a Tree in Your Garden – What you Need to Know

July 30, 2021 5:01 pm


Without trees, we wouldn’t be able to live on this planet – often referred to as the lungs of the world, trees are an essential and beautiful part of the earth, and many areas are sadly suffering from the affects of deforestation, as well as the fact that here in the UK we have new challenges facing our trees like ash dieback, a fungal infection of ash trees which will result in the loss of most of the ash trees in the UK.

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Protecting our trees, particularly native trees is something that we should certainly be doing, and if you have a garden, planting a tree of your own in the garden is a great way to not only help the environment, but also a lovely addition to your garden in terms of appearance.

However it is important that before you just plonk any tree in your garden, that you research what types of trees will be suitable – for example you don’t want to grow a huge tree in a tiny garden! You should also take care to plant it away from a building or structure, as the roots can cause structural damage over time.

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You should also look into caring for the tree – there will probably be companies local to you that can help you with this such as this tree surgery Gloucester based company Geoffrey Urch as it can be a physically demanding job as the tree grows larger.