How Does an Air Conditioning Unit Work?

July 1, 2021 4:26 pm


Air conditioners are machines that condition the air surrounding it and that move the air through a series of ducts and filters in order to cool the air. How does an air conditioning unit work? It is very simple – the AC (air conditioning) contains freon that has trapped cool air close to its freezing point, and a refrigerant that allows this cooled air to pass through a series of filters containing refrigerant and heat-resistant materials (often called evaporator coils). In fact, this very basic mechanism has been used for over one hundred years, although changes in technology have modernized the process somewhat.

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The technology behind these units has also changed quite a bit over the years, making air conditioning more energy efficient and providing new options for cooling. For instance, most AC units have evaporator coils that allow cooling in the summertime and warmer air in the winter. This is accomplished by circulating cool water through the coils, which warms the air that is pulled through the coils. Newer units use a variety of different techniques, such as variable speed fans, which are designed to operate at a faster rate than the normal rate of rotation, and which in turn pull cooler air through the system. These newer models are often referred to as “green” air conditioning because they are more environmentally friendly, saving money on the operation costs for the business.

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