Are you having problems with your boiler?

November 30, 2020 4:32 pm


The last thing that anyone wants is problems with their gas boiler. This is why if you start to have any issues with it you should seek help straight away and not try to fix it yourself. Here are a number of reasons below that could be the cause but in all cases you should look at Evesham boilers based company Combi Man to do the work and to provide you with an annual service.

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Low Pressure-If you find that your central heating does not work as it should, your boiler pressure might have fallen too low. Take a look at your boiler’s pressure gauge and if it shows as below 1, then there may be a problem. Somewhere in the device, there may be a potential leak or a pressure valve that needs replacement. You should search for a leak on your own and call an engineer if you notice one.

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Problems with thermostat-if your thermostat has begun to turn on and off when it is not expected to, it will need to be replaced. Test first to see if it is set and has not been inadvertently knocked at the correct settings. It may also be that your home is colder than you thought, and the thermostat would not allow your home to heat the boiler higher than it was set. It’s time for a new one if it’s outdated and just losing accuracy.


Strange sounds. Does the boiler make a sound like a boiling kettle? This noise, known as kettling, occurs when the heat exchanger of the boiler has collected calcium or soil. Inside the exchanger, the water flow becomes reduced and overheats, causing it to boil. This often happens in hard water areas and causes the machine to have higher operating costs and a shorter lifetime. Call a specialist in order to properly flush out the machine and clear the deposits.