Three Stress Beating Ideas

August 24, 2021 12:47 pm


The past eighteen months have been very difficult for many people, and people have been feeling stressed for a number of different reasons – from health worries to concerns about employment and finances, stress can cause us physical pain, bad sleep habits and also put pressure on relationships. So if you have been struggling, here are a few ideas to start beating that stress you are feeling…

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Alternative therapies such as reiki, massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy are something that many people swear by, and when it comes to reducing stress levels, they can be incredibly beneficial. There are many places that offer these, and you can even get someone to treat you at work, like this mobile massage London based company

Eating well is important when it comes to good overall health and making sure that you are eating a healthy diet with the right nutrients will also help to lower stress levels. Foods which are not as good such as sugars can cause drops in mood and energy levels which will make you feel more stressed.

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Exercise is something that is hugely beneficial to mental wellbeing and stress is certainly something that can be helped with exercise. When we exercise our bodies release a chemical called endorphins – the feel good hormone – and it has a positive effect on our mental state, so whether you join a karate club or go on a bike ride, make an effort to get active.