Why Email Is The Biggest Source Of Online Attacks

August 24, 2021 7:03 am


A tool we use everyday, email is actually the largest source of security breaches. Whether you’re talking about the latest spamming attacks that are happening on the net, or just the regular internet harassment that happens every single day, keeping email accounts safe is key to cyber security. However, the simple truth is that email is still a big problem, and the reason is this… Email is an easy way for scammers to access a large number of victims all at once. Find out more about Cyber Security Risk Management from a site like JMP Cyber

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Email is probably the easiest way for cyber-criminals to gain access to their victims’ personal data. Fake emails can pose as communication from real companies, tricking people into believing they are communicating with genuine sources. But how do they do it? By getting an email address, a fake email address, or another form of address that looks legitimate and asking you to fill in details or click on links where personal information can be stolen.

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Once these people get hold of that person’s email address, they start sending junk mail to that person, asking them to upgrade to their paid accounts or other offers. Sometimes, these spam emails come from companies that actually offer real services on the internet, such as financial companies, etc. So, as you can see, the main reason that people are afraid of email is because it gives hackers an easy way to access personal information from people. That’s why we need to make sure that our email systems are always protected and blocked from spam gangs.