How can a Locum Doctor ensure continuity of care?

March 28, 2022 7:38 am


Patients may worry about seeing a locum as they might feel the doctor won’t understand their medical history. However, there are benefits as locums bring fresh perspectives and mental freshness to their work. While locums may not have the time to follow up on long-term progress, they may feel more invested in short-term progress. Here are some ways a surgery using a locum doctor can ensure continuity of care.

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The first step is to identify a locum’s role. This role is crucial, because he or she will be the one responsible for the patients’ care. The locum will be responsible for any urgent problems, which may occur during out-of-hours, on weekends or covering another doctor’s absence. In addition, the locum will be responsible for ordering tests and investigations. The doctor who provided the coverage will likely follow-up with the patient. Therefore, it is essential to have a clear plan for when a locum is responsible for these procedures so that continuity can be assured.

When choosing a locum provider, look for those with similar backgrounds and experience to what your surgery offers. In an ideal situation, patients would see the same doctor for the duration of their treatment but a locum will allow for the coverage of doctors on leave or sick. Whether you’re hiring a locum provider to ensure continuity of care or not, it’s important to find one that fits your practice culture.

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Consider the practice’s needs. The practice can benefit from a locum provider who fits with your business model. This individual should agree to the work schedule and expectations of the practice. If the two parties are happy with each other, consider a short trial. This will give both the practice and the locum a chance to determine if the fit is right. For more details on Locum Insurance, visit Howden Group, providers of Locum Insurance

Finding a locum with the right personality and skillset is crucial. Not only will the doctor be familiar with your patient’s health, but he or she will also be comfortable with the staff of the practice.

How can a locum doctor ensure continuity? When you are in a situation where your regular doctor is not available, consider hiring a locum. This will ensure that your practice has continuity of care and that your office staff is capable of meeting the patient’s needs without interruption. Patients who are confident that the doctor they see regularly will be more trusting of your practice and will seek out the doctor you recommend in the event of a shortage.