How to pull off a Grandad shirt without looking like a Grandad

May 4, 2020 3:35 pm


How to pull off a Grandad shirt without looking like a Grandad

By Name but Not by Nature

Depending on who you choose to listen to, the Grandad shirt apparently originates either from turn of the 19th century when workers began to remove their collars in fear of them getting sucked into heavy machinery at work, or from 1927 New York following the incidence of a woman from named Hannah Montague cutting the collar off her husband’s shirt in order to wash it. These days, the collarless shirt is enjoying something of a revival, and here we look at the different ways to wear it without making yourself look like a Grandad in the process.

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Wear it Well

Evening casual elegance: Team with a dark blue chino and a pair of slip-on loafers for a fresh new British twist on a classic American Ivy League style.

Weekend of leisure: For smart casual Sunday, top dark blue denim jeans with a grandad collar shirt in white and a pair of smart dark brown leather boots.

Dressed-down formal: Worn with a suit, a grandad shirt lends a breezy air to a formal occasion. Just ensure the dress code doesn’t demand a tie!

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How to pull off a Grandad shirt without looking like a GrandadWhichever way you decide to wear your collarless shirt, the look should be relaxed, so opt for a long sleeve that can be rolled up if the heat rises, and always leave it untucked.

Designer Alternatives

If the collarless shirt isn’t your cup of tea, there are numerous other styles of mens designer shirts to choose from. According to Megan Gustashaw of GQ Magazine, the navy pin dot shirt is as hot this season as ever.

Navy is a classic shade that looks good against every skin tone, and the dot motif offers the perfect cover if you are still looking for an excuse to ditch the tie. Wear it casually atop blue chinos and paired with quality brown leather accessories, or under a tailored aubergine suit for more formal occasions.

Another alternative is the same chambray shirt you’ve been wearing hidden under your jacket all winter. Unbutton it slightly at the neck, team it with a pair of slick pinstripe trousers and a clean white leather trainer, and you are ready to go for pretty much any occasion.