The life and times of Beatrix Potter

May 4, 2020 3:43 pm


Beatrix Potter is a beloved children’s author who created incredible stories with wonderful characters. These were often based on animals she had seen or stories she had been told. The Tailor of Gloucester is one such story and the tailor’s shop is now a museum to Beatrix Potter and located near the Cathedral in the city. It is one of the many attractions that draw people to look for Park Homes for Sale in Gloucestershire such a

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Here are some facts about Beatrix Potter and her life.

  • Beatrix Potter was actually christened Helen and Beatrix was her middle name.
  • Peter Rabbit and his friends were based on her own pets. She often drew her pet rabbit and walked him on a leash around her garden and the local countryside area. She built a whole story around the animals that lived with her as well as those that she saw out in the countryside around here. She had a whole host of pets in your home including dogs, rabbits, hedgehogs, mice and frogs that she would allow to run around her home.

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  • She was a keen business woman and knew how important it was to brand her characters as well as create stories and images of them. She made her own Peter Rabbit doll and had this registered at the Patent Office.