Protecting your Home from Burglaries

June 23, 2020 2:35 pm


As we all start to slowly get back to normal (or the ‘new normal’) many of us will be starting to leave our homes more once again and head out to work, school and even the pub! This means that burglars may once again be able to take the opportunity to access our homes.

Before you do get back out to work, assess your home and think about how you can put off any potential burglars.

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One of the best things you can do, is to make access difficult. Many burglars like to go through back gardens as they have much less chance of being spotted. Growing plants which are spiky and thorny is a great deterrent, as well as high fences which are difficult to climb. Burglars like to be able to make a quick getaway.

Look at your doors and windows – make sure that you don’t EVER leave any windows open, and both windows and doors are always locked. Even if you are just outside, you will be surprised at how many burglaries happen whilst the homeowner is in the garden. Contact someone such as this emergency locksmith Dublin to get the most secure locks for your doors.

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Another great deterrent is a camera system. Not only is this useful to hand to the police should you have an intruder, if you have visible cameras and home alarms, burglars are much less likely to even attempt to enter your home – remember they are opportunists so will be looking for the easiest home to access and where they will be able to escape without being caught.