What is the truth behind the story of St Patrick?

January 25, 2021 4:38 pm


Like all legends the tale of Saint Patrick has an element of truth at its core. It maybe an excuse the wear green and celebrate for a fair bit on the Seventeenth of March but at the end of the day it’s likely that a Romano-Britain with a knowledge of the country was sent to convert the Irish to the ways of Christianity. What else is true about this Saint whose St Patricks Day Gifts can be found at Shamrock Gift St Patricks Day Gifts?

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Much Like King Arthur, a curious combination of both Christian and pagan connections was put together by Saint Patrick. The “true facts” are very much a matter of individual faith, and relics from long before. One such tale is his run in with the Devil. On Patrick, Satan dropped a rock ,which duly disappeared, but only when he called out the Greek sun god “Helias. Pagan and Christian beliefs were frequently equated in early Christianity making them a bit interchangeable. It seemed that Patrick had no trouble viewing it as a Christian miracle.

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Another is that Patrick spent 40 days on a mountain, promising God that he could choose the Irish to go to Heaven and that Ireland would never be ruled by the English. That one is a very odd tale because for many centuries “English” has not been invented (probably it was Scotland). Celtic dialects or Latin were spoken by all.

“The term “seamróg” means “small vine”.  We’d know it as Shamrock. It is believed that it was clover, but since it was always eaten, sorrel was also suggested. The Trinity is not really known by everyone and chewing a shamrock is is not going to help you understand it. Also imagine the uproar when you found a fourth one?