Using the phone in films

May 31, 2022 10:32 am


New technologies that come into the world soon find a way of making it into films. The introduction of mobile phones has complicated the way in which a film is made. For example, audiences will question the way a character under threat, or in need of assistance simply doesn’t just dig out their phone and call for the emergency services. If they need a new one they just have to go to the Vodafone New Ross store, using as a guide, and buy a new, more up to date one.

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It means that directors and actors have had to play with new media and give new performances. Do you need to contact someone or do it in secret? Simple. Send a text. The actor then has to emote on the phone and the responses aren’t heard. This is harder than it sounds. If another actor comes in and shouts “The Barns on Fire, come quick!”, the actor can play off this emotion and react to them, even ask questions for dialogue. However, if the actor is walking along and suddenly gets the text message “The Barns on Fire, come quick!” then they have to pull a worried/shocked face, reply to the text, and then runoff.

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However, the mobile phone has given us the opportunity for real drama to be added. Many directors choose to put what has been texted on the screen so we can see what the actor has just received. This makes it easier to buy into the emotions they display when it happens.