A novel Christmas idea

May 13, 2020 4:49 pm

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Instead of finding money for the usual things at Christmas, namely perfume, socks and chocolate, what about getting that special someone in your life an experience gift? An experience gift is something that your gift receiver can do and they are usually a once in a lifetime opportunity. Here are some examples of what you can get them.

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  1. A free pass to Alton Towers. For the thrill seeker in your life you can get a day pass gift for them to use whenever they want.
  2. National Trust Membership.  These usually take the form of a year’s gift membership but if you are feeling very generous you could splash out on life membership meaning they will never have to pay for entry again.

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  1. Tank Driving days. Now these are very fun. Your chosen one will get to drive an FV432 tank that was once used by the British army. They get to drive these powerful and impressive machines around a prepared tank track that really tests them and the vehicle.
  2. A canal boat ride. A relaxing cruise up and down the canal is a nice little idea for someone who likes a more sedate break. However, they will have to get to grips with locks.

This is but a taste of the possible ideas that you can purchase. It makes a lovely change.