Why some people hate shopping

November 2, 2020 4:33 pm


Do you hate clothes shopping? It is a common perception that women love it, and men can’t stand it, but that is an oversimplification. A dislike of shopping can affect both men and women equally. Have you ever wondered where this feeling comes from?

Many people feel lost when they enter a store. There are hundreds of garments and as you wander the aisles, the items you look at leave you questioning whether they are right for you or not. You try things on in the changing room and even when you like something, you’re not sure if you’ll ever wear it. This is a familiar story.

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Did you know that the human brain does not have an unending ability to make choices? There is such a thing as decision fatigue. Choosing takes energy, as with all functions that our brain carries out. When we shop, we experience a series of micro-decisions and eventually, you simply run out of energy. And of course, decisions become even harder when we are offered such a huge choice. Keep it simple with online Tommy Hilfiger Menswear from EJ Menswear

In the past, shopping wasn’t so hard as there was simply less to choose from. Ok, so this isn’t ideal as you might not have liked the limited options available, but it certainly was easier. Nowadays, we are bombarded with a massive array of choice and as wonderful as this is, it does come with confusion, indecision and even anxiety.

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Shops can also present as uncomfortable environments to be in. Visually, there is a lot going on, there might be a lot of other shoppers and noise can interfere with our ability to focus on the task at hand.