What is a Virtual Event?

June 2, 2021 4:13 am


A virtual event is an internet event which involves individuals interacting over the internet, rather than actually meeting in a real place. Virtual events are generally multi session web events, which usually contain webinars and online casts. Online casts are used to show slide presentations which are then viewed by the participants in their chat client.

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Virtual events provide a more fluid communication platform between multiple participants, as there is no long handed traditional introduction or handouts at the beginning and end of the event. Traditional conferences tend to be more one dimensional where keynotes, or speakers give a short talk to get everyone interested before getting to the main topics. However with virtual events it is possible for keynotes and other speakers to be available for questions and answers from attendees in a more fluid and conversational way. In addition it is easier to invite new attendees to join the event, as they only need to click on a link on your website. For help from an Event Agency Dublin, go to https://davisevents.ie/

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The main difference between a traditional event and a virtual event boils down to how the information is presented. Traditional conferences tend to break sessions down into discrete chunks with many different speakers taking up minutes of the overall session. Online sessions tend to be larger and are usually well presented using many different mediums, including slides, videos, audios, podcasts and live cast. These larger sessions are also more interactive, which means that the guests who attend will be much more likely to interact with the host, speaker and any other participants.